Botzakis S. A.

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Olyssos 500 ml
Harvest 22/23. Best before 06/24. Olyssos is categoried as a unique mild flavored fruity Cretan olive oil. Carefully selected, from “Koroneiki”...
,   Delivery time: 3 tööpäeva
11,00 €
Cretan Prince 3L in tin can
HARVEST 22/23. Best before 06/24. A high quality extra virgin olive oil, produced by cold extraction. Combines the nutritional attributes of the extra vir...
,   Delivery time: 3 tööpäeva
31,00 €
Olyssos PDO Peza 750 ml in tin cilinder
Harvest 2022/23. Best before 06/24. The outstanding organoleptic characteristics are accompanied by excellent chemical analyses. High levels of polyphenols ...
,   Delivery time: 3 tööpäeva
12,50 €
Ousia Organic 500 ml
Harvesst 2022/23. Best before 06/24. Organic extr virgin olive oil from Koroneiki olives.  
,   Delivery time: 3 tööpäeva
11,00 €


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