A good olive oil is a key to health, strength and youth! 



Agrestis Bell'Omio 500ml
15,00 €
Harvest 2021/22! Organic extra virgin olive oil from Sicily. Winner of Der Feinschmecker 2012 competition in medium fruity class.
,   Delivery time: 3 business days in Estonia
Agrestis Foglia d'Argento 500ml
12,50 €
HARVEST 2021/22! Extra virgin olive oil by award winning producer from Sicily. 
,   Delivery time: 3 business days
NEW! EXTTRA Picual. In a gift box from Ana Jarén.
25,00 €
New extra virgin olive oil EXTTRA. New brand who already in the first year on the market won cold medals in New York olive oil competitions, and silver in Ja...
,   Delivery time: 3 tööpäeva
Olyssos 500 ml
10,00 €
HARVEST 2021/22! Olyssos is categoried as a unique mild flavored fruity Cretan olive oil. Carefully selected, from “Koroneiki” variety  ol...
,   EAN: 5203282950093 ,   Delivery time: 3 tööpäeva
Oro del Desierto Coupage - 500ml
15,60 €
World's Third Best Organic Olive Oil 2013/2014. New York International Olive Oil Competition 2014 Best in Class. The World's Best Olive Oils 2013 VI place.
,   EAN: 8437003553394 ,   Delivery time: 3 business days
Ousia Organic 500 ml
10,00 €
HARVEST 2021/22!
,   EAN: 5203282650023 ,   Delivery time: 3 tööpäeva
UUS! EXTTRA Picual. Adam Pollina kujundatud kinkekarbis
25,00 €
Intensiivse lõhnaga, õrna maitsepaletiga, kergelt mõru ja vürtsikas õli. Uus õli, kuid juba esimesel aastal võ...
,   Delivery time: 3 tööpäeva


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