Extra virgin olive oil flavored with ORANGE 250ml

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Agrestis EVO aromatic oils are natural products. It is produced by the combined squeezing of olives and ORANGES.

The smell gives a sensation of freshly pressed Orange, the taste is
sweet and fresh, with a light bitter aftertaste of orange peel. Optimal in combination with fish marinade like : swordfish, tuna and salmon. It presents itself excellent for raw fish, it adds something more and particularity to the taste not enhanced by cooking. To obtain a particular breading of the anchovies “ alla Beccafico” or of rolls of swordfish “ alla Palermitana”. Orange EVO oil is excellent to cook or marinate chicken, duck, turkey and to dress salads. In particular combination with bitter salads it gives us a sweet note.

PRECISE ORIGIN Buccheri, province of Syracuse, Sicily
MATCH WITH FOOD Salads, fish, chicken, duck, turkey, cookies, desserts, ice cream


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